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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Ok...so I am the blogger's sister.  I 'guest blogged' once for her while we were away on a mini vacation together in South Beach.  Today is the second time and, believe me, it's under duress.  You see, I had the simple task of posting Miz Yank's blogs daily while she's away on another vacation...This one overseas.  I have to say that I had been getting comfortable with the whole posting thing -- you know a click here, a click there and SHAZAM, the blog is published!! -- until today, that is.  I know you're all dying to hear the end of the toilet story trilogy however, unfortunately, that's going to have to wait another day or two.  Somehow, and I'm SURE it wasn't my fault, today's blog was deleted.  OK...maybe it was my fault...but I swear it was an accident.  I had posted it and realized there was an error on the blog.  As the editor-in-chief while Miz Yank is away I felt compelled to correct it.  Once I made the correction I accidentally hit 'delete post' as opposed to publish.  C'mon...we've all done that before, right?  Deleted something by accident???  My only issue now is that I can't figure out how to get the darn thing back.  (Lord hopes she has it saved somewhere else!!)  As I sit here typing away I am just going man up and grab my own golden pancake!!!  In my humble opinion it's well deserved! 


  1. BAHAHA. I love this. I'm glad it all worked out.

    1. Ya gotta love my sis. She comes through in the clutch every time. My favorite part of this post is where she identifies me as the catalyst for the lost post. I kid but she is absolutely top shelf. Just ask her, she'll tell you. hahaha!

    2. I'm so happy to be part of your family. Have you told them yet? HI SISSY.

  2. Of course, and I neglected to mention that you drew my sister's name for the annual gag gift exchange. I don't mean to pressure you, but it may be tough to top the big ball of panties she was given a couple years ago in recognition of her tendency to get her undies in a wad.