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Monday, October 29, 2012

Update: Well *That* Didn't Take Long

On October 14,  I wrote a post about the jet ski experience my sister and I had while vacationing in Miami.  The blog entry wasn't the only writing I did on this topic. When we got back to D.C., I logged on to TripAdvisor and submitted a review.

In the interest of preserving my credibility as a reviewer, I didn't go on a tirade.  I just stuck to the facts and let them speak for themselves. The facts had loud voices that carried right to the ears of the company owner.  Mere hours after the review was published, he sent me a message asking if he could call me to discuss my experience.  His entreaty seemed like a step in the right direction, however belated, so I promptly agreed.

And that's where all the promptness ended.

I heard nothing more until today, the day when Hurricane Sandy's imminent arrival caused schools, governments and businesses across the D.C. area to close.  Like most people, I was working from home, trying to take maximum advantage of the fact that electricity was still running to my house.

When my cell phone rang, I recognized the Miami area code but not the number.  Earlier this morning I had emailed my personal number to several of my far-flung clients so I just assumed it was one of them.  Had I known who it was, I would have sent the call to voice mail.  A friendly chat about a stale customer satisfaction issue was not on my agenda.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it was on his. After all, the weather conditions are perfect for jet-skiing.


  1. Um, you left us hanging, here! How did the chat go? What did the guy have to say? I am SO grateful to the 'Net for making businesses finally accountable.

  2. Good point--Sandy diverted my attention before I finished the story. He offered to refund half our money, just as my sister suggested the day we did the "tour." It took him a good 10 minutes of talking --including noting that, once a few new positive reviews showed up, the effects of my negative one would be mitigated as it dropped down in the queue. But ultimately he did the right thing. My sister made me promise not to revise my review until the refund actually lands on her credit card. Ha!