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Friday, October 12, 2012

Splat-ter of the Week: FIRST EVER Guest Poster Edition

Reporting live from South Beach in Miami, we bring you this week's top splat-ter, nominated by our sister, Lynne, who happens to be here with us.

As if being related to us weren't distinction enough, now she can add "first guest poster" to her list of honors. Lynne volunteered to do a guest splat at a time when our staff needed a bit of a break, so we accepted her offer with gratitude and without questioning. (After all, it spared us the pain of having to watch the Vice Presidential debates for material. When it comes to TV that embarrasses us to be an American, the debates rank right up there with Honey boo boo.) 

In hindsight, we probably shouldn't have skipped the questioning.  Oh well, it's not the first suspect decision we've made on this trip, probably won't be the last.

Here's her contribution:

Splat-ter of the Week: The Hotel's Tornado, aka Miz Yank

Those of you who know the blogger herself may empathize with me most. To hear the blogger tell it, she is neat and orderly. Tidy even.  I, perhaps, believe that sentiment could be...ummm...how do I say this nicely???  Well, inaccurate.  It just so happens I have a recent example to support my position.  The two of us are sharing a very nice hotel suite in South Beach.  The suite has a kitchenette, a living area, one bedroom and one bath.  Upon arriving yesterday and taking some time to get settled, I was, in fact, settled.  Suitcase neatly placed by the foot of my bed, toiletries lined up in the bathroom, all items accounted for.  My roommate, however, was a bit less organized.

Aside from the clothes strewn on the floor and over the suitcase, items were missing in action (a book, hair products, God knows what else) and some herbal sleep aid (which stinks to the hilt) along with other hangover remedies were strewn on the kitchen counter.  None of this do I mind...I just find it funny for someone so "neat"!  Within an hour of us having arrived our pristine hotel room looked like a tornado had run through it.  It was then, as I was tripping over a pair of shoes left in the doorway, the idea came to me.  Miz Yank needs to step up and claim her golden pancake...That is if she can find it!!  Good times.


  1. Way to step up, Fuzz! Love the guest post, and as for the subject matter, well, ask Miz Yank about the "lost" razor incident when she was here in Seattle. Hope she enjoyed that pancake!

    1. Oh yes, I enjoyed that one along with the stack I found that had been lost for a few years. :)