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Friday, September 7, 2012

You Made Our Week, Clint

A week that featured the national conventions of both political parties should have yielded plenty of Splat-ter of the Week candidates, and this one did. But Clint Eastwood blew away the competition for engaging in a battle of wits with an unoccupied chair during his speech at the Republican National Convention.  (Despite being unarmed, the chair managed to pull off the win.)

While Eastwood achieved a real zenith in terms of extemporaneous political speech by non-politicians, few would dispute that it was a personal low for an actor typically viewed as a dignified tough guy. 

Empty sofas and ottomans may be lining up to spar with Eastwood but most humans seem to be inserting some distance from the Hollywood legend.  Though Clint does at least have Neil Diamond in his corner.  After all, Eastwood did the first--and we hope only--dramatic interpretation of Diamond's "I Am, I Said." Few could bring to life as Eastwood did the once-mocked lyrics "No one heard at all, not even the chair."

Grab your golden pancake, Clint. We suggest you stick to the big screen from now on and avoid the political stage.


  1. OMG--BRILLIANT song tie-in! I feel like we've been waiting 15 years for this!! Bwahahahaha!!

  2. We definitely have Dave Barry to thank for our delayed gratification (and to blame for bringing this horrific song to our attention in the first place!!)